Other supernovae

My images of supernovae discovered by other observers.

Photographic registrations of other supernovae are presented less often since the year 2020.
Instead, spectroscopic observations are made and published on this site.

SN 2019yz SN 2019dok
SN 2019np AT 2019bqe SN 2019cth
SN 2018gsk SN 2018hrt SN 2018gvt
SN 2018ahe SN 2018eay SN 2018fif
SN 2018zd SN 2018acj SN 2018aoq
SN 2018oh SN 2018L SN 2018kp
SN 2017hbi SN 2017hjw SN 2017hpa
SN 2017fbu SN 2017gww SN 2017gpn
SN 2017glx SN 2017fgc SN 2017gjn
SN 2017drh SN 2017fof SN 2017gfj
SN 2017cio SN 2017eaw SN 2017egm
AT 2017atv SN 2016jfu SN 2017cjb
SN 2016hvu SN 2016gfy AT 2016jah
SN 2016hbb AT 2016hkr SN 2016hvl
AT 2016eyv SN 2016fnr SN 2016gxp
SN 2016cpc SN 2016brw SN 2016coi
MASTER OT J140958.91+174549.4 SN 2016ccl SN 2016coj
SN 2016bau SN 2016bkv SN 2016X
SN 2016P SN 2016bam SN 2016afa
PSN J02051332+0606084 SN 2015ar SN 2015bf
SN 2015ae SN 2015af_ PSN J20435314+1230304
PSN J17292918+7542390 PSN J14372160+3634018 SNhunt281
ASASSN-15fz SN 2015Y_ PSN J11105565+5322493
PSN J13522411+3941286 SN 2014dr PSN J22081243+4110503